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Developing Enterprise Java Applications with J2EE and UML ISBN 0201738295 инфо 4869o.

Developing complex software requires more than just churning out lines of code As a software architect or developer involved in an industrial project, you must understand and be able to leverage critical softвбыюъware sub-disciplines such as architecture, analysis and design techniques, development process, visual modeling, and the underlying technology to be successful This book brings all these diverse elements together from the J2EE development perspective to provide a hoвннижlistic approach for the reader Specifically, this book tries to answer the following key questions: · What is UML and how is it relevant to J2EE development? · How do Java and UML relate to each other? · What are the key concepts in software architecture? · How does a software development process fit into the J2EE software development equation? · How can analysis and design help you in arriving at a better J2EE application design? · What are the key J2EE technologies, and how do theвтдыиy fit together? · How can you leverage the UML for J2EE development? Rather than reinvent the wheel, the approach taken in this book is that of bringing together known works such as Jim Conallen’s web modeling profile and the Sun Java Specification Request-26 for UML/EJB Mapping Specification To provide a practical illustration of the topics discussed, this book guides the readers through a sample J2EE application development project using the Rational Unified Process and the UML A working implementation is provided Suggestions for further enhancements are also listed to assist the readers in continuing their exploration of the UML and J2EE technologies Intended Audience This book is suitable for anyone interestedin learning about the UML and how it can be applied to J2EE development Current J2EE application developers will learn how to apply the UML to J2EE application development UML practitioners will benefit from learning about the J2EE in the context of the UMвузнзL And software professionals interested in learning both the UML and J2EE will be able to get to a productive state faster facilitated by the intertwined contextual discussion After reading the book, you will: · Be able to effectively utilize the UML for developing J2EE applications · Learn about the key J2EE technologies (EJB, JSP, Servlets) at a technical level · Know when to use Model 1 vs Model 2 architecture, and situations where patterns such as value object and session bean chaining may be appropriate · Understand software architecture concepts such as decomposition, layering, components, frameworks, patterns, and tiers · Be able to apply techniques such as use case analysis, analysis object discovery, and analysis to design transformation to your J2EE project · Understand the notion of software development process and the fundamentals of some of the currently popular processes · Learn how to start using the Rational UnifiedProcess for your J2EE project This booвущзеk only covers the Java language to the extent of providing a mapping of key Java concepts to the UML Consequently, some familiarity with Java is assumed (knowing C++ or a similar language should be sufficient toget the basics out of the examples, though) Prior knowledge of, or experience with, the UML, J2EE, or enterprise application development is not a pre-requisite, but certainly helpful.

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